The Oldham County Sheriff's Office annual Golf Scramble will be held on July 21st at the Eagle Creek Golf Course in Oldham County. All proceeds go towards the KY Sheriffs' Boys & Girls Ranch. Each year a group of deserving boys and girls from Oldham County enjoy a week of fun at camp thanks to the support of this golf scramble. If you would like to participate in this fun event then click here to download a mail-in entry form.


Welcome to the Oldham County Sheriff’s Office.  I am proud to say that the Sheriff’s Office is offering a greater return than ever to its taxpayers..  We are providing service more efficiently than ever, and we’re doing it better.

As the chief law enforcement officer of Oldham County, I want our residents and visitors to feel safe not only in their own neighborhoods, but in every area of the county. The only way to achieve this is to collaborate with every aspect of the county. This must include cities, local government, police departments, businesses, neighborhoods, civic groups, schools, teachers, and parents.

By forming partnerships with all of the above with our record of excellence in law enforcement, we look forward to making Oldham County not only one of Kentucky’s most desirable places to live, but also the safest!